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About Our Roofing Company

RedHawk Roofing

RedHawk Roofing was born when two roofing business partners decided to go their own ways and build different legacies. 

Established in 2019 RedHawk roof carries with it the experience of over 30 years in the residential roofing industry.

Choosing now to focus on helping clients face the confusion of the insurance industry, RedHawk Roofing prides itself in walking our clients through the entire process seamlessly.


We know how much the cost of a new roof has increased and how hard it can be to navigate the legalities of the insurance industry.

Think of us almost like a roofing concierge service that helps you start with needing a new roof and gets you to HAVING a new roof without losing time and frustration to the process.

We believe in helping people keep their homes safe, secure, and healthy!


Only the Best


High-Quality Materials

We use only the best materials that exceed modern code requirements to ensure that your roof lasts well into the future.


Navigate Insurance Claims

We KNOW how to navigate the confusing legalities of insurance claims to ensure that your claim gets approved and you get the new roof you need. We walk you through every step.


Helpful Staff

We are here as guides to help you get the new roof you deserve.

Years Of Experience

Happy Customers

“We protect what matters most.”

Mark Stowers

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